When will we open?

We still have internal Fit Out and approvals to go but we plan to open Mid March 2016.

How much will laser tag cost?

$14 for the first game and every game after that is only $8

Will there be group discounts?

Yes there will be group and promotional discounts. The best savings will be for members.

How much are memberships?

Memberships will be $6 on your first game and then you will get discounts on games Café Parties and special events. Members get their own member card that will also record your game points. Memberships last for 12 months from purchase.

How old do you have to be to play?

We have games for 6YO and up. Parents can join in with safety vest on if the children’s group are new or nervous. We will have junior times available on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

What are the Party Costs?

We have 2 party plans 1 is $289 for 8 Children Inc party person ( additional at $29.00) which goes for approx 1.5 hours including mission time to compete in 3 x 10min missions and the second is $329 for 8 (additional child $34) with approx 2 hours including mission time to compete in 4 x 10 min missions. Menus are still being finalised.

How far out do I have to book for the parties?

14 days. We will have 6 tables of 10 and parties are held in common room so other parties will join you on the table next door but you will have your own party host to ensure all runs smoothly. There needs to be at least one party parent stay for the party.

Will I have to Book to play a game?

Bookings are essential as are participation waivers acknowledging that you are engaging in a sport and appreciate the risks involved.

How long do the games go for?

We will have 10  minute missions but we will cater for longer games if required for example first time juniors and special events.