Member Benefits

Special Opportunities


This is you first member card obtained, this is given to you when you first sign up to become a member.


Given to you by a staff member after 25 games logged on your account, please show a staff member at reception and they will upgrade your card. A $2 upgrade fee will apply


You have arrived! This card will be presented to you by the lasertag manager after 50 games logged on your account, please show a staff member at reception and they will upgrade your card. A $2 upgrade fee will apply

Along with price benefits, members will also gain the ability to level up their card to unlock in game powerups, which are listed below.Underworld hosts regular member nights and competitions set up with special presentations and awards for our members.

Member Events

The Next Level

Underworld Laser hosts weekly events for our members where we play various gamemodes for those who want to take their lasertag ability to the next level. Play against and with our other members as we build our lasertag community. The events are also a fantastic social opportunity for you to find new friends with common interests. Keep scrolling to find examples of the gamemodes we play, and information on how to join us!

How to join

Our current member offer is on wednesday nights. We run games from 6:00PM to 9:00PM every wednesday, for only $20 entry. These nights are also streamed on our twitch channel at If you want to join our community and recieve further updates on these nights, join our discord below!

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What are they?

Membership levels are determined after your first 3 logged-on games. Each level requires a minimum average score to reach, and will reward you with a new powerup.

Rapid Fire

Increases rate of fire for a period of time or until you are deactivated


You become immune to deactivation for 8 seconds


Hold down the special button while you are deactivate to reactivate immediately


Lock on to opponents by aiming at them for an extended period of times to fire a missile, gaining extra points


Get points by zapping deactivated players for a period of time


Deactivate all opponents in the arena

Level Average Score Needed Powerup Unlocked
1 Less Than 3 Games Rapid Fire
2 3000 Points & 3 Games Invulnerability
3 4500 Points & 3 Games Payback
4 6000 Points & 10 Games Missiles
5 7500 Points & 10 Games Resets
6 9000 Points & 25 Games Nuke
7 10500 Points & 25 Games
8 12000 Points & 50 Games
9 13500 Points & 50 Games