Underworld Laser is a physical activity played in a dimly-lit interactive laser tag arena filled with mazes, ramps, obstacles, lights, loud music and other players.

All guests judge themselves fit and properly attired to play.

All guests assume full responsibility for their actions at all times.

All guests assume full responsibility for any injuries or property damage.

By entering Underworld Laser, all players agree to follow the rules & regulations either displayed within Underworld Laser or instructed by any Underworld Laser team member.

Underworld Laser has been designed with the safety and security of our players specifically in mind.

Some missions have age restrictions.

Underworld Laser has a minimum age of 6 years old.  (Children 6 years old can play if accompanied by an adult).

There is no maximum age to play the game – even grandparents can have a go.

Health and safety Rules and restrictions

Underworld Laser can be played at your own pace but it is a quick game and your team can dictate the rate of the game.

There is no reason to be rushing around the areas (in fact, we don’t allow you to run).

As long as you are comfortable with exercising  for 15 minutes and you can get yourself up our ramps, (DDA compliant) then you’re probably fit enough to play.

Of course, as only you can be a judge of whether you are able to play – the final responsibility rests with you.

Any recent injuries should be noted on your waiver and you must satisfy yourself that you are fit to play.

This is a mildly aerobic activity

Dress code

Wear comfortable closed-toe shoes

Underworld Laser can be highly physical and appropriate dress must be worn.

We recommend sneakers/joggers with good grip. ALL SHOES MUST BE ENCLOSED. No bare feet, no thongs, no sandals, no high heels.

Please come suitably dressed to avoid disappointment as we reserve the right to refuse entry.

If in doubt, please contact us for the more information.

What protective clothing is required?

We recommend that players wear a shirt with sleeves (not a singlet) as our vests are made of a commercial grade material.

Game/venue rules

No drugs or alcohol is to be consumed on site or before any of the games. You will be asked to leave the facility immediately should this rule be ignored.


Underworld Laser is committed to excellence in serving all Customers, including persons with disabilities.

Underworld Laser respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities by striving to integrate accessibility, whenever possible, to provide an equal opportunity to our service.

Feedback will be acknowledged through e-mail or regular mail within an appropriate time frame in order to provide prompt service.

If you require the requested information to be provided in a particular format for reasons related to a disability, please indicate your preferred format at the time of making your request. We will do our best to accommodate the request.


Are protective glasses worn during play?

No. The lasers used in the game are very low power and only flash for a very brief time. The equipment has been tested to meet appropriate standards of safety for lasers around the world.

I have played Paintball – does Laser Skirmish also hurt when you are hit by another player?

No. Laser Skirmish is harmless. The only way you know you have been tagged is when pack tells you (vibrates) and it has shut down.

Is Laser Skirmish played in the dark?

Laser Skirmish is played in a darkened environment, but it is not pitch black. The arena is well lit with backlights which allow the fluorescent paints & materials to glow brightly. Your eyes soon become adjusted to the light level so you are able to see quite well

Is the phaser safe?

The phaser contains a built-in laser pointer. This pointer activates for less than one second, only when the trigger is pulled. It is only used for targeting & visual effects. The phaser has a rubber exterior and is safe for children to use.